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Okay so like i was just sitting in the dining room right?..Then my dad asks.."Okay, so we're going to church early tomorrow...Are you coming??" ((directed to both me && my bro)) && I said..if I can wake up. And then he's like..that's a very big 'if.' aka..you're not coming are you? Anyways I'll skip what my brother said..cuz  well that's not really important. *cough* So like he 'normally'' asked "You're gonna sleep early tonight right?" && I was like "nope" in a well Nikki way..it was like a 'naaah' && at 1st he was going to say something else..then suddenly he like fucking EXPLODED. He just like started shouting. "How dare you say NO to me!!!!" && then in my mind I was like..'You just asked a question && I just answered it simply..Isn't that what I was supposed to do???' He just like lost it...&& still right now..he's still HELLA mad. Like a couple of minutes earlier he was like kicking stuff && was like hitting the table, his chair, his tennis bag, everything.

&& then his yelling && insults were FULLY turned to me. How i'm so bratty, bitchy, useless, etc. Then he grabbed the side of face && made me face him && glared me down.....Che I didn't even flinch. I could feel that my eyes were hard, not as hard as his may have been because i didn't try to stare him down..at all. It wasn't worth it. He's not worth it. Why?...

He doesn't know anything. Right now..He's saying how he doesn't have a job ((he's an engineer my mumii's a nurse at Stanford)) just because he has to drive us to school, after school activities ((tennis, track, etc. etc.)). How we're so fortunate that we do get a ride && a lot of other kinds bike or walk or whatever. NEWSFLASH! I asked some time ago if I could walk..What did he say??..NO!

What else pisses me off is that he's like bitching that we can't walk to school. Fhi ((for his info)) I'm in the track team how is walking to school so hard?? Omg, does he think that i can't cross red lights or streets?? That's just messed up...It just really is.

After a helluva other insults later he finally finished his bitching with 'i'll treat you like how a military officer no more Inday Nikki'..If you're not filipino, it's like Nikki-chan..without the chan... I dun really care...I'm sick of getting called that anyways. I'm not a fucking kind anymore...So yeah..right now i'm calm..It hardly affected. His threats didn't threaten me at all. His whole yelling session to me?...pointless. I'm a heartless bitch aren't I? x[[ But i'm sorry..if he wanted me to cry..He failed. I can't cry or feel threatened by him anymore..I just can't. If it was me a looong time ago then yes i would have..But i'm not his precious little 'inday nikki' anymore...&& right now..I can't see him as a father either. He keeps on going back to who I was in the past. He can't accept me to who I am now..Do I feel hurt?...No I don't..not anymore.


Archee-san, I'll be sure to do that form thingeh soon.<33 Been busy with..life.

To all friends, I'll be sure to check all of your journals soon && comment like crazy LAWL! <33 x]]] ***MAIL  SPAM warning***

Helen-chan: I still have to take a good look at your icons.<33 I did see them..Just haven't had enough time to really take a good look. ^_~

Lol Pyro-chan, I have to go read all your fandoming.<333

Simone--> I have to be crazii && crackii with you.<33

Cam--> Lol, of course..talk talk && talk!!

->>School started && I have to bitch ((good bitch not bad ^_~~)) about that too.<33

-->>Comments will be answered..I SWEAR!!

--->>About amvs...haha..I really have to get working. ^^"
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09 August 2007 @ 09:48 pm

Gawd..finally..after a month of amv--->block, I uploaded amvs...But still..no sasuhina yet.>.> Moi ish working on one right now though x]]

Pyro-chan, Helen-chan, I finally finished the Lulu x C.C. amv.<333

"Pretty Baby" Sasuke x Karin

"Loves Me Not" ShikaTemaSasu

"Listen To My Heart" Kiba x Hinata

"Fall To Pieces" Lelouch x C.C.

"Beautiful Girls--Jojo ver." *Anime Girls"
((...This has Lulu x C.C. in it too..Even though, it has a gazillion other anime >.>))

....Moi can finally have a lil' break...or maybe not >.>


Three days ago, it was mah dadii's 50th birthday, && surprisingly, we actually got along. x]]

Since mah dadii isn't a movie expert at all, I chose the movie we were going to see && I chose Hairspray.<33

My God, that movie is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. I could not stop laughing..I mean seriously...I don't know the last time I've laughed that hard. Mah mumii was laughing like crazii too. x]]

After that, the Harry Potter 5th movie was right up next in like the other theater, so like me && mah dadii were saying to just go there && see, but my idiot of a brother was like..'it doesn't feel right.' So yah..G'bye HP 5.>.>

Anyways, we had dinner at Gerry's Grill afterwards, but it was closed at 1st cuz it opened at 5:30 && it was still 5:00, so we went to Sports Authority...&& of course..I almost never leave a store without buying anything..>.> So I bought a pair of black short mesh shorts && a black  tank top..I felt a lil' bad though, cuz I bought things && mah dadii, the b-day person, didn't.>.> Nikki ain't really cool with her dadii, but she ain't heartless to not feel guilt.>.>

Then we had our dinner in G.Grill's, && the Filipino food was just fantaboulistic.<333 x]]]]]]

..&& of course, afterwards, moi went home. <333 x]]
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02 August 2007 @ 01:57 pm
Since well, the space in YouTube is getting really like cramped up, my whole "AMV To Do" thingehs will all be posted here. I need reminders everywhere anyways >.>

So yeah...They'll be divided into sections mm'k? x]] Just click in the lj-cuts down below. x]]


U.P.D.A.T.E.D.----->----->August 13, 2007

*~*~*Nikki's amv account*~*~*





..Yeah lawl, now you know how busy moi gets..&& tis' is just the "amv" part.>.> *really need to update fanfics* && WMM's bitchiness makes it all the harder. >=[..But still..moi luves amv making.<33

..Hopefully, I'll finish most of this before this school year starts...>.> I doubt it

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So like yesterday my mind wandered off to this one day in Vegas that I went to 'Las Vegas Premium Outlets' && I remembered when I saw this earring stand && it caught my eye so I went && looked. I saw these kick-major-arse pair of black && plain diamond, skull earrings && I just had to get them...But in the end I guess..I forgot. *bricked*

&& now I really, really regret it. x[[[

But now I want a second piercing in both ears...Why? Cuz I just do. >.< I asked my dadii if I could...&& he outright said hell n.o. Yeah..mebbe I already knew that answer... I didn't try to reason with him cuz...well..it's no use in the end, but I am gonna get that 2nd piercing dammit, no way in hell is he gonna stop me, even if I have to go to the mall myself. && I swear I will someday if I can't get my dadii or mumii to say 'yeah sure'.


Oh.My.God. After months of waiting, Code Geass 24-25 will be out tomorrow. *insert-fan-girling-here*

Please don't let the subbers turn into little chicks because C.G. is now licensed. Though I luve you subbers for..subbing. We fans waited too goddamn long for this mm'k? x]]] Damn you Sunrise for making us wait 3 months >__<.


My nails were hella bugging  me lately && now I finally took the nail-polish off. Some time last week I painted my nails black && tried adding pink ((moi had no other color && I wanted to try 2 colors)) but it ended a complete disaster. I tried painting half && half but I decided to paint pink last, so like it didn't show, so I kept on adding layers && layers && then I did another nail && when I painted 1 layer of pink it turned this luvlii purple color. I was like..damn, why didn't I do this with the other one?..After that, somehow my nails were all black && purple && blue ((yes blue..)) && pink in the end.

I didn't bother taking them off..until now. x] After that I noticed how long they were now...Lol, I'll probably re-paint them ((plain)) black again tonight though. x]]


I found this survey in one of my friend's ((well..I dunno..more like..someone I talk to sometimes && someone I don't dislike but someone I'm not close to)) myspace. x] I decided to take it. x]] You guys should too! x]]


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Oki so like when I got my report card...i was like 'like hell, i'm gonna show this to my parents,' so I didn't. So today...they finally went to my school && asked for a copy.

&& then...it was hell from that point on.

I thought I was prepared for what was coming..You know..a lot of yelling && talking etc. etc. Me, feeling a little guilty && such...&& I kept on praying to God that I deserved any && every consequence headed my way.

Was I prepared ? FUCK no.

When my mumii went into my room && told me that I got an F in History with that 'sad mumii face' on..I didn't feel bad..I felt HELLA bad. I didn't feel guilty..I felt EXTREME guilt. I wasn't mad at myself...I was FUCKING FURIOUS with my fucked up myself.

My mumii && dadii didn't yell...They were deadly calm && that scared the shit out me.

&& what did I do? I cried in the dining table while eating lunch then rushed into the bathroom to cry there. Why? Cuz crying in front of people is on my top 3 list of, 'What I fucking hate to do.'

What made me feel a little better? Talking with one of my closest friends over the phone.

What's all I can hope for?

1.) Not being held back.

2.) To not be sent back to the Philippines.

What's 1 thing I'm about to say goodbye to during this coming schoolyear?

My laptop.

...Although this afternoon when i did my daily afternoon swim...He didn't sound mad when he asked me to get 3 water bottles && 2 shirts before I went for him && his friend ((tennis)). But then again..it could be cover up. >.<

Omg after I swam, I had to get the key for the house so I went back to where my dad && bro were playing tennis with my dad's 2 friends..my friggin pair of shorts kept on wanting to to come down, I kept on getting pissed..&& when I was in the sidewalk, walking, this random guy ((teenager))  was driving && he had his window down && he wassup-nodded to me && lol I couldn't help but smile up at him too..Even though I had no idea who he was..I think.
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20 July 2007 @ 06:20 am
So..I'm a bit..pissed because windows movie maker is being a buttmunch bitch....again. What the fucking hell is it suppose to mean when it says..'Can't save, insufficient memory' or some type of shiitnezz problemo like that. Why the freaking hell do you have to be the one to suffer when you're the one trying to make you're subscribers fucking happy? >=[[[ But really though..I am HELL bent in finishing this sasuhina amv but fucked up wmm is like really..really driving my sanity.

Now I'm done with that...Really, suddenly I'm thinking about sasuhina in its early days, about the 1st time I got turned into a sasuhina fanatic. && just as sudden...I somehow miss those days. There's just something about scrolling back to the earliest of sasuhina fanfiction that takes you back to sasuhina && moi's own memory lane && how it was so much easier things were back then when sasuhina was barely known && moi was just...a lurker.

I miss being in Tennessee && having read every fanfic of sasuhina because their were so little pages.

I miss Lems' sasuhina fanarts.

I miss that one whole day I spent reading the 1st 19 ((or was it 20?)) Renoa-san's fanfic, 'Torn.'

I miss the old sasuhina fanfics written by the verii first sasuhina authors ((ladii-chan, julia-san, taiyoukai lady, kichou, Shiraiyuki Rie, firewindgurl, cleone, uchiha kaede, Jasmine Starlight etc. etc.))

I even miss not being known as NikkiU.915 && never been a sasuhina amv-maker because my internet life..was so..free && un-stressful..I guess...waaaay back then.

I miss people going..What's sasuhina? ((Although I know people still do. >.< =/))

I miss the times when sasuhina wasn't all that well-known.

..&& I guess I miss the feeling of being one of the few hand fulls of people that saw what sasuke x hinata could be.

Haha, but even though there are many time I miss the ole days of sasuhina I do not regret being a sasuhina amv maker, no matter how pissed off 1 could get with WMM as your program, I'm glad && proud that sasuhina is growing, && even though I'm content with sasuhina as a crack pairing, I still keep on hoping they would at least have their interactions in the anime/manga. =]]

...A person like moi just has her moments of going back to the luvlii && hasslenezz-free past. <333

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17 July 2007 @ 11:11 am
Okay say you went to the doctor to get vaccine shots && you didn't even know? And the next thing you know is that you're in a hospital gown && your doctor checks ALL of you out? It's pretty uncomfortable. Then she does this "sports" test ((like tip-toeing, standing in ur heels, etc. etc.) && then you feel insulted cuz well..your a sportii gurl at heart.THEN a nurse suddenlii pops out of nowhere && shows you 4 injection needles? I kinda felt  a little >.> a bit. But when the needles go in you it's like it's nothing. So yeah..

But when the doctor interviews you && ask how many times you go in the comp. && you answer err.. && then your dadii finally has this triumphant smirk && keep on complaining in the background "I told her to not be on so much.." && wateva shiit, the doc finalli said, "Comp. for onlii 2 hours a day missy..."

&& you all know that when the doc says it, the parents have to all  go mother f-ing strict cuz wat the doc says goes.

So if you're like me who had fanfiction to write && update, deviant art clubs && your own journal to update, Naruto Forums to see how mah beloved fc is doing, YOUTUBE where my requests are endless && it takes me a week && 3-4 hours a day to complete 1 && not to mention messages && comments to answer, && i have myspace to go to too. Well yah..I think it's about close to impossible. But i'll try && make it work..I always do. >=]



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15 July 2007 @ 11:16 pm
So like a little while ago before I got done taking a bath mah dadii saw this synchronizing swimming competition in TV && told me to come watch and see since I like..like swimming.

But holli mother fucking shiit-nezz. I can like only hold a hand stand touching ground for like 10-20 seconds && they're like doing all these flips && hand && feet thingiii mah watevas in like the 12 ft && I'm just sitting in the carpet going woah wtf?0_o

It looked relli kool though, if you wish to be a ballerina-cheerleader-ice skater in water. =]
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Oki..lol it's about time I update this journal && make this my #1 journal of ALL HELLA TIME.=]

So yah..moi's 1st entrii will be all about Vegas..Vegas..Crazii Vegas..Vegas..V.E.G.A.S. =]] <3

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